Special music

Today, Elizabeth and Katherine sang a special. Since Elizabeth will be leaving soon to go to the States to study, I decided to record the audio, as it will probably be the last opportunity to do so. While they are singing in Polish, I think you can guess what they are singing, as it is a well-known hymn. You may even hear folks in the background humming along with them. Enjoy.

girls singing 20120422

Otwock Bible Club

Last week, our daughters helped missionary friends near Warsaw with a Bible club. While attendance was down a bit, due to cold and rainy weather (you got hot weather in the States? We got all your cold and rain!), and the lack of a second vehicle to pick children up, but our daughters were happy with how things went. Please pray for the children who heard the Gospel.

Here’s a photo from the club.

(Click on photo to see it full-sized)


This post is a hodgepodge of news. Last week, Clarissa’s preschool held their year-end program. She got to say a short poem (with some help), but honestly, she did better than some of the other children. She certainly didn’t show any fear, and obviously enjoyed herself. Friday, the 24th, the ladies in our church held their bi-monthly ladies tea. Thanks to the long holiday weekend, the attendance was down, but we had a visitor–Renata, a friend of Irena’s.

Also in the “news,” we have installed the above sign on the outside wall of the church. It is visible from the street, and was hung with the hopes of drawing people in closer. The goal here is to break down yet another barrier to walking through the door. We have also, after several years, gotten a tract written that we started about a decade ago. We will be passing them out on the streets of Krakow this summer.

Here is a page with a few pictures of some of these events: June Photos