Long Distance Ministry

If you’ve been receiving our emails, you’ve read how I’ve been doing pulpit fill for a missionary near Warsaw. I’ve been doing this via the internet, using Skype and a couple web cameras. It’s been interesting to have not just our own congregation in the room, but another, virtual congregation on our computer. It may be hard to visualize, so today, after the service was over, I thought I’d take a photo or two to show how it looks. Here are a couple pictures. Somebody may notice that yes, our daughters are in the picture in Otwock. They spent the weekend with the Petersens in Otwock.

This weekend was also a big weekend for Clarissa. She entered the first grade this year. Because her Polish has not advanced like with our other children, and because she will be an “only child” here in a few years, we decided to send her to a Christian school. This weekend was the initiation or official acceptance of the first grade into the school. It is a big occasion, for the students. I created a photo page with a couple photos as well as a couple short videos. You can find the page here: Clarissa’s Initiation.