Ladies Tea, July 6, 2012

On Friday, July 6, Karen hosted another ladies tea at our home. She has tried for the past couple years to have the summer tea outdoors, in our garden, but the weather has always interfered, forcing the party indoors. This year, it looked like the weather was going to cooperate, so she went all out to make the garden look good, and prepared some wonderful food that fit the weather (very hot), and surroundings (outdoors, under an umbrella, in a quiet garden setting). Unfortunately, the weather forecast changed, and rain threatened the garden party for the second half of the week. Even in the final minutes, while the ladies were mingling in the garden, rain drops were falling, so Karen set up our dining room for the food and tea part of the party. Instead of enjoying the garden, they had to eat in the dining room, but I think that the layout was as delightful and inviting as I’ve ever seen Karen set up. After the food time, the weather was stable enough, so they moved outside for the song and devotional time. The rain actually had some wonderful side benefits. First of all, the temperature dropped from 90 or more, to just under 80. Plus, the clouds kept the scorching sun at bay (The sun sets here now closer to nine PM, so the sun can still be overpowering at 8 PM). We had two guests, and one of them commented how much she felt at home, and comfortable, and not at all “up-tight”. Karen’s wonderful hospitality and the inviting environment seemed to really open up the ladies for God’s Word and for the Gospel. Overall, I call this tea a great success. You can find a few photos of the event here: Ladies Tea.