This post is a hodgepodge of news. Last week, Clarissa’s preschool held their year-end program. She got to say a short poem (with some help), but honestly, she did better than some of the other children. She certainly didn’t show any fear, and obviously enjoyed herself. Friday, the 24th, the ladies in our church held their bi-monthly ladies tea. Thanks to the long holiday weekend, the attendance was down, but we had a visitor–Renata, a friend of Irena’s.

Also in the “news,” we have installed the above sign on the outside wall of the church. It is visible from the street, and was hung with the hopes of drawing people in closer. The goal here is to break down yet another barrier to walking through the door. We have also, after several years, gotten a tract written that we started about a decade ago. We will be passing them out on the streets of Krakow this summer.

Here is a page with a few pictures of some of these events: June Photos


Welcome to the new home of the Looking Glass, the online edition. Hopefully, we will be adding much more over the next few months.

What is “The Looking Glass”? Well, The Looking Glass is the name we have given our prayer letter since its very beginning back in 1993. The idea behind the title (besides the obvious pun) is that our prayer letter offers a glimpse into our life and ministry. We believe that when you know us and our work better, you will be better able to pray for us. Well, as the internet has come of age, we have embraced it as another opportunity to gaze into this “looking glass” of ours.


Since we first came to Poland in 1997, we have been posting regular updates via email. Usually, it was just text, with an occasional a photo or two, but it turns out that sending photos through email is not always the best way. So, we created a home page, to post these images, as well as to share some information about us. Unfortunately, while it met a need, such a web page is difficult to maintain, and takes a lot of time and effort to keep current–things that are often in short supply. Needless to say, the web site is not the most up-to-date. Then along came “blogging” (a shortened form of the words “web logging”) which is kind of like a diary on a web page. It is all the rage right now. While I have no interest in “blogging” per se, I thought that this would be an ideal way to supplement our emails, as blogs are very low maintenance–you just write your text, and post it! The blogging software takes care of the rest. Adding photos is as simple as dropping an image on top of the text! And with some simple (and free!) tools, we can have a beautiful blog with almost no effort and only a few minutes’ worth of work. And when I say a few minutes, I mean a few minutes. I can create an entry, complete with photos, and have it “online” in less than 10 minutes! Instead of spending time fiddling with technical things, I can concentrate on the important things–giving you the information you need to help you as you pray for us.

Through the years, our blog has migrated. This is the third incarnation, but now, for the first time, it is published on our very own web site, and thus, has its very own address. Furthermore, with this change, we have broken our web site into two parts. This blog will concentrate more on writing about life and the ministry, and our main web site (The GlassHouse) will focus more on photos and video. We hope you will bookmark both of these, and even better, will be able to use the RSS feed to be automatically informed of updates to this site. If you would like help with this, feel free to leave a comment.

So, without further ado, we present the new Looking Glass, Online Edition.